January 20, 2016

Today a new flavor of Shakeology is born … Cafe Latte!


Birth Announcement

That’s right, today a new flavor of Shakeology is born …

Cafe Latte!

(Am I the only one who says it with an accent? Oh La La)

I rarely post or mention Shakeology on social media. (Unless you’re in my private accountability groups)

Drinking it is such a natural part of my everyday that it doesn’t get documented.

In this photo I’m drinking Vegan Chocolate because I just placed my order for Cafe Latte. 😃

**Before you place yours, if you don’t already have a coach, send me a message so I can tell you how to get one of our amazing programs for just $10 with your Shakeology order. 👍

My thoughts on Shakeology…

I’ve been drinking it nearly every single day for 6.5+ years.

This little baby is my everything, I’ll probably name my first kid after it. Okay maybe a middle name? 😂

To me it’s peace of mind. 💕

Peace of mind that with one shake I can feel confident I’ve already gotten in my daily recommended servings of fruits / vegetables.

Peace of mind that it’s also my multi-vitamin, probiotic, prebiotic — it’s what keeps me fighting off sickness & growing my hair / nails super strong.

I’ve donated 15-18+ inches of hair TWICE in 3 years (& I could do it again now). Also, I haven’t taken a single vitamin outside of my shake in all these years (saves me $!).

Peace of mind knowing it gives me natural energy. It helped me kick an energy drink habit back in college when I started drinking it.

Peace of mind knowing it keeps my insides working great. Hello good digestion!

Peace of mind knowing there are no artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup & no soy.

Peace of mind knowing when I recommend it to anyone there’s always a money back guarantee backing it up.

Peace of mind knowing my doctor drinks it too.

Notice 2 things I didn’t mention?

I didn’t say it was a “weight loss shake” or a “protein shake.”

YES, if you need to lose weight it will help you by replacing one of your meals. YES, it does contain protein.

But it’s sooooo much more. This is about OPTIMAL HEALTH. 💪

Shakes get a bad rap because of all the bad ones out there. I totally get it. They’re looked at as “quick fixes” or just for those who workout who need a little extra protein.

Not this one. All shakes are NOT created equal.

>>I’m not here to tell everyone they need to drink it too. Your health is just that, YOURS. You do you boo. I’ll do me. 💁🏻 But for those who do want my help, let’s chat to see if it’s right for you.

And I’ll end with this …

Someone in my extended family recently said to me, “You could go put all of that stuff together at the store.”

To that I’ll reply … 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

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