March 2, 2017

My Miracle Morning Routine

My morning routine was never solid or something I’m proud of. ☀️🙈

I used to rush out the door to get to high school / college. After graduating I got a midnight shift career so my “morning” wasn’t morning.

The past 4 years I’ve worked for myself — no alarm clock, no rushing or being on a strict schedule. And I’ve enjoyed that! 🙏

But I’ve spoken to enough high achievers / listened to many trainings where the question comes up …

“What’s your morning routine?”

And I’ve realized the people I admire treat their mornings like something special.

I read the “Miracle Morning” book a year or so ago but didn’t stick to the principles until recently.miracle morning routine

For anyone curious, here’s a little look into what my mornings have looked like the past few months:

-Wake up naturally around 8:30am

-Drink a bottle or glass of water

-Fill out my Smart Life Push Journal … this journal is a new habit for me! I make a to-do list on my iPhone using Wunderlist every night before bed <– this I’ve done for years upon years & won’t stop doing.

>>>In this journal I write down what I’m are grateful for that day.

-Read for 30 mins from a personal development book

-Drink Shakeology … right now I’m on a strawberry flavor kick 🍓

What’s your morning routine like? Is it something you want to improve or is it set in stone?

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