March 14, 2017

Side Hustlers, Do The Damn Thing

Entrepreneurs. Side hustlers. CEOs. Authors.

People will doubt you.
Question you.
Make you question yourself.
They’ll belittle what you do.
They won’t clap in your corner or show up to support.

It’s happened to me.

Don’t let it stop you. Please. 🙏

You have to want what you are fighting for MORE than you are afraid.

Define WHY you want to reach your goal, if it means something to you … fight for it! 🙌

I hear many people talk about the books they’ll write, the businesses they’ll open, the degrees they’ll earn, whatever.

But then … nothing happens. 🙈

When I told the world I had signed up to be a Beachbody coach — which makes me a Network Marketer for a health & fitness company — a close friend of mine publicly wrote on my social media that I was in a “gimmick.”

When I resigned from my TV news career to go full time as a coach, many people doubted me & had no problem asking if I was, “really making money doing that thing.”

When people (mostly men) hear I write romance novels they think it’s appropriate to say, “oh you write porn?”

Some of my family members (not my immediate family – they are awesome ❤) have never acknowledged that I’ve self published 3 novels.

I could let all that hold me back, make me quit, cause me to throw a pity party or the most popular fear … do nothing but sit & worry about what people will think of me.

Or … I could not give a f*ck about any of that & just do the damn things. 💃

People will talk … let them.girl boss caterina passarelli
People will judge … go ahead.
They’ll unfriend you … bye Felicia.
They won’t support you … find someone else who will.

If I worried whenever someone doubted having a career in network marketing, I would never have earned more than 3x what I was making at my TV news job.

I wouldn’t be able to work for myself, fully support myself, never set alarm clocks, take vacations as I please, pay off all my student loans, buy a SUV in full in cash. You get the picture.

If I had quit (or never took the chance to sign up), I wouldn’t have any reason to hold myself accountable to my own workouts. I wouldn’t be honored to help so many people get in the best shape of their lives or grow their own businesses. 💖💪

If I never pressed “publish” on My Mr. Beautiful I would always wonder if I could have made it as an author. That would lead to a life of regret.

I would have never hit the Amazon Best Seller list twice (so far!).

I would never have met some of the most amazing people around the world who have sent me sweet messages after reading my books. People who I consider friends! 💋

I wouldn’t trade any of that stuff for the safety of not ruffling some feathers … and you shouldn’t either.

I don’t write all this to say “me me me” … if no one is in your corner, I will be! 👭

For those interested in a career helping to hold people accountable to their fitness over the Internet, I can explain exactly what I do as a Beachbody coach. If it sounds like something you’d love, sign up too. 👍

I’m by no means an expert in the author world but I’m happy to answer questions on what I’ve done.

Message me. 📲

But be prepared for me to say … it’s going to take hard work, making sacrifices & growing thick skin …. mixed with a lot of fun, positivity & making yourself proud.✨
And when you do the damn thing, you need a disclaimer for those who think it’s easy –> Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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