April 11, 2017

Working At The Beach

Grabbed an iced coffee & took my book to the beach in the middle of a workday …. because I can. 💁🏻🙏

This still blows my mind even though it’s been my reality for the last few years.


work from anywhere

At one time in my life …

I worked the midnight shift at our local NBC news affiliate then I’d come home to sleep a few hours.

Certain days when I woke up I’d go into a restaurant to work as a hostess during the dinner shift.

Other days after I woke up I’d go to a local Rec Center or elementary school where I taught group exercise classes.

^after those jobs it would be right back to the news.

During all of that, I kept consistent with building what many people would overlook or say they just “don’t have time” for.

The online side hustle that brought me great joy. 😎

I took a chance a year earlier on joining a network marketing company centered around the fitness programs I was obsessed with. The program that’s helped me lose 17 pounds. 💪

People doubted me. They asked if I was “still doing that thing” & even said I was in a gimmick.

Well … sitting at the beach with a book in my hand, sun on my face, well-rested, knowing there’s no boss to yell at me, no student / car loans to my name, fully capable of supporting myself & being able to be present without worry … I’ll take that “gimmick” vs burn out any day.

If gimmick also stands for hard work, consistency, thick skin, a lot of fun & being different. 🤣

I tell you this not to portray “look at me” because to be honest it makes me uncomfortable to write posts like this.

Instead, I want to be clear … I didn’t invent this side hustle.

This, unlike many other careers, is not a one where if I succeed, you do not. If I am a coach, you can not be one too. FALSE.

There’s plenty of room for everyone.

And one of my biggest joys is teaching other fitness entrepreneurs to do the same (only better!) than me. 👭

For those curious, I’m putting together a “Sneak Peek: Day In The Life” event on Facebook. Taking you along with me for a day to see what exactly I do. No obligations whatsoever. Be a fly on the wall & watch or ask questions.

This event takes place Thursday, April 13. If you’d like to be added send me an email – coachcaterina@gmail.com.
Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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